Main Stage:

Mac Gems: Meet the Developers

Speakers: Dan Frakes, Senior Editor, Macworld
Jennifer Bell, Prosoft Engineering
John Chaffee, BusyMac
Greg Scown, Smile
David Teare, AgileBits
Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 12:50pm

Macworld readers love Mac Gems—great, inexpensive apps and add-ons that make their Mac-using lives (and, of course, their Macs) better. This panel presentation goes behind the software to talk with the developers of several Mac Gems. We’ll focus on process of creating great Mac software: Where do the ideas come from? How has the Mac market changed over the years? How does Apple help (or hinder) third-party developers? What are the benefits (and detriments) of the Mac App Store? What are the risks and rewards? What’s the best (and worst) part of writing apps for the Mac? We’ll even get our panelists to reveal their own favorite Gems from other developers.