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One of our most popular special events wants YOU! You’ve got 5 minutes: dazzle us! Macworld/iWorld RapidFire is all about getting “to-the-point” and teaching our audience one thing quickly and effectively. Pick one little known or little understood feature, one confusing concept, one new approach and get ready to beat the clock as one of the RapidFirers of the Apple products world. Did we mention you only have 5 minutes to get your point across?!

Confirmed speakers can login to find information about pressing deadlines, make updates to their biographies and get information they need to help prepare for their sessions at Macworld/iWorld. Click here to access the Speaker Resource Center.

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Macworld/iWorld is known around the world for featuring high quality instructors who deliver instruction and best practices about the latest tools and technologies of interest to Apple product users. Presenters at Macworld/iWorld are passionate about what they do and enjoy helping others with:

  • Tips and techniques: for getting more out of popular hardware and software tools
  • Hidden – or not very well understood – features revealed
  • Creations – how you created something amazing (music, art, photography, graphic design, workflows)
  • Stories of unusual and creative ways that Apple technology is enhancing your life
  • Productivity tips – how to put Apple and related products to work to save time and money
  • Empowerment – how these products can ignite the creativity in everyone – how the uncreative becomes creative
  • Pro tips – go into great technical detail to show how professionals can further leverage use of these tips